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I finally did it and it was very painful indeed. My vampire will rise.

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Outro Song: Computers by Rockman
Plague Inc. Custom Scenarios - Zerg Virus

THIS FOR THE SWARM!! If you enjoyed this video, consider hitting the Like button! It helps the channel grow by affecting search results on YouTube. ...

Plague Inc: Tips, Tricks, and Strats for all Plague types (Brutal)

I've been playing a lot of Plague Inc since release, and started playing even more since the game added Google Play achievements to it, so I thought I...

Plague Inc. Evolved Achievement: Plague in Space

Send this plague straight to SPAAAAAACE! Subscribe to me for more goofy content!: LetsPlayWilly:

Plague inc evolved: Shadow Plague playthrough on normal mode

Just me playing the new gamemode added in the latest plague inc. evolved update. INTRO: Song: "Home" by Konac Template: "Glow" from ...

Plague Inc. Evolved: Nano Virus MEGA BRUTAL

The hardest difficulty of the bastard of a plague. Nano Virus. Subscribe for more goofy content: Check out ...

Tap! Top 7 Plague Inc Tips!

Welcome back to Tap! Home of the best iOS and Android games! We give you a run down of the top 7 tips for world domination in Plague Inc! Buy Plague...

Plague Inc. Evolved: Advanced Cheating

This new update allows for multiple cheats to be applied to whatever plague of your choosing. Subscribe for more goofy content: https://youtube....

Shadow Plague MEGA BRUTAL | Plague Inc Evolved

Finally I take on Shadow Plague with the MEGA BRUTAL difficulty. Prepare for waiting. In this Video: AnArcade: Check out AnA...

Plague Inc. (Cinematic Trailer)

Plague Inc. (Cinematic Trailer) Subscribe To Joystiq: About: Joystiq is your definitive source for video game news and commenta...

Plague Inc Evolved: New Shadow Plague

So im playing the beta of Plague Inc Evolved on Steam and trying out the Shadow Plague which you might have heard it, the vampire plague. It brings a ...

Plague Inc: Official Scenarios - Frozen Virus (Mega Brutal)

I'll admit, I DO feel dumber after bashing my head against this scenario. If you enjoyed this video, consider hitting the Like button! It helps the c...

Plague Inc Shadow Plague Theme

The newest plague's music, added in Mutation 13.

Black Death Bubonic Plague Mega Brutal Plague Inc: Evolved Gameplay

Welcome to Shenryyr2 plays the Black Death Bubonic Plague on Mega Brutal in Plague Inc Evolved. Yersinia Pestis ravaged the middle ages, killing hund...

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