2015 Macey's SevenCoolTweens Audition

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#Tags: 2015 Macey's SevenCoolTweens Audition

Video description
This is my audition for SevenCoolTweens! Good luck to evreyone who auditiond.

Want to know me better?
1. Fav youtubers are SevenSuperGirls, PopulurMMos, and GamingWithJen
2. Have one pet
3.One brother
4.Love Starbucks
5. Love gymnastics!

I have permition from my parents to be on this channel. I have been watching the SAK's for about 2 years and I love them and I really want to be on a channel that is the Sak's. Please pick me. It's ok if you don't, I just did this for fun and I really want to be in SCT because I love to be creative and make videos and make cool skits. Please pick me.
Map for Pat and Jen!

Hey guys! I wanted to show you guys the map that I made for my favorite YouTuber's Pat and Jen! Thanks for watching! :) SimplyMacey out! McKenna's cha...

SevenSuperGirls Meet and Greet |SimplyMacey|

I got to go to Anaheim California to meet the SSG girls! I met people from other SAK's channels! It was so fun!!!! Also special shout out to Ellie's W...

Emma's Audition for Seven Cool Tweens 2015

I really hope you like my audition for Seven Cool Tweens! I've been watching the SAKs Channels for two years now and would love to be a part of it. I...

Seven Cool Tweens Audition! 2015 |Burried Treasure|

This video is about my Seven Cool Tweens Audition! 2015 Thanks to Francis Losa for helping me film this video and (possibly) most of my videos! :)

Magic starbucks machine

Rebecca invents a " Magic " Starbucks machine!

McDonalds Tycoon? | ROBLOX

I hope you enjoy my first video on Roblox!! :) If you want to send me a friend request on Roblox, my username is UnicornCrazy_906. Byeeee!

Bercy's SevenCoolTweens audition😌💗

*DISCLAIMER*I do not own music, all rights go to its original owner Sorry for the audio at some parts😭😁 I am proud of this tbh🙊😎 ELLIES PACKAGE TOMMRR...

Seven Gymnastics Girls Audition - December 2013

Please like my Facebook Fan Page: Lights, Camera, KYRA (https://facebook.com/pages/Lights-Camera-KYRA/427982243964280) This is my audition for Se...

Lily's SevenCoolTweens Audition Video

This is my audition for SevenCoolTweens! I'm Lily and I am 9. I have been watching the SAKs channels for ages. I have always wished I could make video...

Introducing Luella

Hello, I am so excited to be joining Seven Cool Tweens & can't wait to upload Videos for you every week!!. Some of you know me from Seven Twinkling Tw...

Holly A Day in the Life of Holly

Hmmm... I wonder what Holly's daily life is like! Well, since this week's theme is freestyle, Holly will be showing you a day in the life of her! :) D...

Emily's Dream Life VS Emily's Normal Life

Emily shows you her normal life compared to her dream life!

Marlees SevenCoolTweens Audition!!!! (Extended)

I hope you enjoyed!!! This is a longer version of my original audition video! This one has a few extra parts that I didn't add into the first one! I h...

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